Overview & Mission

Whose goals should come first: yours or your investment advisor’s?

We think differently about goals at MAG CAP. Why? We put your interests first – ahead of our compensation, ahead of our aspirations.

Some advisors might say that’s not essential. Our clients say it’s indispensable.

Integrity isn’t just another thing. It’s everything.

Every opportunity we research, every investment we recommend and every service we offer is grounded in integrity. So, you can always trust that every solution we recommend is driven by your goals – not by the manner in which we are compensated.

Our expertise is global. Your experience is hometown.

We’re proud of the fact that our leadership and advisors bring expertise spanning investment analysis, portfolio theory, risk management, technology, law, and accounting. In fact, you’ll see it every day in the work we do for you. You won’t see it, however, in the way we treat you. That’s because our founders believe that while providing powerful national and regional insights matters, dispensing them with a healthy dose of hospitality and humility matters just as much.

Our process summed up in one word: Listening.

We’ve found that the best process and straightest path for helping our clients achieve their goals is to listen. Then listen some more. That’s the key to creating a customized financial plan for you that combines long-standing investment principles with innovative institutional-caliber investment solutions. Because your goals today may change tomorrow.


The first, most important step is to listen to what’s most important to you in life to assure we know how that impacts and influences your financial goals. We’ll ask good questions so we can help you get where you want to be the way that suits you best.


Based on your goals, we’ll combine long-standing investment principles with innovative institutional-caliber investment solutions to create an investment portfolio catered to your risk tolerances. Along the way, we’ll listen to make sure your plans fits your needs.


Once we put your plan into place, we’ll monitor the economy, market conditions, and investment risks and opportunities so you don’t have to*. You’ll get simple, easy to understand reports detailing progress and results. As the financial world or your personal world evolves, we’ll keep listening for more ways to assure your investments align with your goals.

*For Advisory accounts only.

We're ready to listen.

If you have some goals in mind, or you want to hear more about our approach, let's schedule a chat.

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